A room with a view

The hotel in Cornwall is perched high on a rock overlooking a harbour, the balcony set directly above the beach and the view is framed by the French Windows in the room. We were looking for a room with a view . The main staircase in the building has a landscape window looking out across the Celtic sea, it looks like an art piece in amongst the paintings. It reminded me of a book we have in our office called Windowscape. It is a fascinating book that looks at how windows are designed in a variety of buildings all over the world and how people use them. Each individual window is drawn, has a photograph and short description. I have included a couple of images and diagrams in this post to show the idea behind the design.

– Can Lis, the property in Majorca designed by Jorn Utzon offers views and dramatic lighting thoughout the day from the various aspects whilst the inhabitant can sit in the cooler central seated area towards the heart of the terrace.

– An opening in the wall Sri Lanka- a threshold between the calm walled garden and the jungle outside for its users to sit , think, read and relax.

– The Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka – the openings are protected by the deep eaves of the roof preventing rain and sunlight from entering the space. The house is located in a tropical monsoon climate so the opening provides ventilation and the seated area an eating and reading area for the users.

– Mykonos bar, this exceptionally small space has been designed for people to mainly observe the sea and the sunset at the end of the day, the small table located on the sea front face allows enough space only for an ashtray.

– Via Roma – a tall opening facing the Mediterranean Sea which draws the breeze inside drying the wet washing but provides the benefit of a grand view.

Hopefully I will be able to put some of this to use soon!

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