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Textile love: tribal patterns, Pierre Frey Origines

What a better way to cheer up the end of the week than showing you our latest discovery at Chelsea Harbour – Pierre Frey Origines. Pierre Frey have done it again, we love their collections as they are beautifully thought out and collated to give an unique look to any home.

We saw Pierre Frey’s delightful tribal fabric range at their showroom and could not stop saying to each other how amazing it is.

The range is called Pierre Frey Origines and is a feast of dense tribal patterns, linens with sewn in shells, woven leather strips in alternate suede and shiny finishes, multi-coloured beaded panels, painted patterns and fabric with repetitive faces all inspired by traditional tribal textiles from Africa and beyond.

The fabrics all come in interesting earthy shades and in some cases give a very defined texture.

Now we are inspired we need the right project to use it, but this particular fabric collection would add interest to any interior and for those who have travelled to Africa a nostalgic reminder of their journey.

Serpentine Pavilion 2015: Cosmic Spectrum


Sitting like a shimmering badly wrapped Christmas present the structure glistens in the sun. This year’s Serpentine Pavilion is whimsical and fun.

The delicate hues of the plastic skin give the building a delicate, living, light feel almost like it is hovering. Plastic woven ribbons contribute some texture and direction and project interesting silhouettes.

Once inside one feels rather like standing inside a rainbow, but for the distinct smell of hot plastic.

The floor is white and slightly reflective and strangely dips to the centre of the space contributing to the organic feeling of this “creature”.

It does have an oasis-like charm to it and in a heavy downpour it could create a pleasant hideaway.  The pavilion is quite a novelty but indeed it was only built for temporary measures it cannot claim to be sustainable nor stringent in design but it is fun!

The Serpentine Pavilion is at the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park until October 2015.


Ginger Landscapes

Studio 29 have worked with Sylvie from Ginger Landscapes on many domestic projects. Sylvie has designed and realised different types of gardens, including simple low maintenance terraces, a sunken courtyard filled with exotic plants and planting schemes to match to the colours of our interiors. Sylvie has always exceeded Studio 29’s and our client’s expectations, with her beautiful schemes, her technical knowledge and reliable after care.

How to Dress a Bay Window

An article by Houzz with tips on how to dress a bay window. Decoration tips are provided by a number of architects including Studio 29. We contributed a photo of our completed refurbishment in Holland Park, West London – the dining room bay was not only used to house the circular table to maximise space but was bounded with a perimeter of voile curtains. The curtains can be closed off to create a private area from that of main living spaces and front the outdoor areas. The sheerness of the curtains allows softened natural light to enter the space  giving a background glow during the day and a shield from the darkness of the evening.

The curtains were hung using a curtain rail which has a flat profile so the fixings are concealed in the ceiling above the dining area. The ceiling was purposely raised so only the curtain drop could be seen and give definition between the various living areas in the lower ground floor.

dress a bay window

Please click on the link below for the full article:

These curtains were bespokenly made by Pat Giddens curtains

Art of designing a small room

A house and garden article about ideas on designing a small room – the many tricks we use to help make spaces feel generous.

Studio 29 Architects are often faced with having to redesign properties that have inconvenient layouts,  lack natural lighting , have no storage and no space to carry out everyday household activities. We always aim to maximise every last inch of space in order to fit a comfortable home in which our client can live happily, the article below is a nice collection of ideas to help maximise the potential of your home.

Apart from reorganising the layout to gain the much wanted space we are also specialists in using a number of finishes to trick the eye and give the illusion that the space is bigger than it is.

Geometrical flooring by Listone Giordano

Slide by Listone Giordano is a timber flooring product we discovered recently and which we just can’t wait to use. This is geometrical flooring which creates a beautiful effect for interiors.

With its shaped pieces in high quality engineered timber Slide adds a twist to the conventional parquet floor.

A limited number of shapes can be combined to form a plethora of patterns, from fans to rosettes to diagonal lines.

It is a range perfect for odd shaped layouts which are becoming more common in London or as an alternative to the usual herringbone and chevron patterns.

It will add an impressive and distinctive feel to any room.

Slide is available at Tutto Parquet in West Hampstead.


On site: a garden extension in Queen’s Park, NW6

A little project we are doing in Queens’ Park  is coming out very well.

It all started with the basic brief to extend the sometimes cramped existing dining area to fit an increasing number of guests.

With a simple design to fit the style of the house the extension brings the lush garden directly into focus and guests are treated to dine surrounded by the great outdoors.