How to give a multi-storey car park a personality

Sometimes the most underused of buildings can be given a new lease of life. In 2007 Frank’s café was opened in Peckham on the 10th level of an existing multi-storey car park. The café, part of the Bold Tendencies exhibition, is now erected every summer (it once was a pop-up installment). Whilst taking in the 360 degree panoramic cityscape you can treat yourself to a drinks and a meal. The café is erected mainly from large wooden beams crowned in a popping red tarpaulin, the temporary structure is mainly timber. The lower levels of the car park are sprinkled with small soft surface sculptures ( a rest from the hard unhumane concrete cast slabs), video screens and a book stall market selling unique and creative reads. The space itself is enormous and however many people enter the space is never appears to fill. It provides a well deserved breathing space away from the hussle and bussle at street level.

In a way it is quite an unexpected way to enjoy London but it is fascinating, you also have to be quite determined to find it as it is well hidden set back from the main shopping street, my tip is look upwards at the building like architects tend to do!

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