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London interiors shops: Caravane in Marylebone

Loving the collection at the Caravane shop in New Cavendish Street. There are many of warm, comforting objects to pick from. We especially like the lights and fabrics, which would add interest  – and a touch of Paisian- Maroccan style – to any home.

It is definitely worth a visit.


Cockleshells and silver bells: how to design a bathroom

Where to start when designing a bathroom?

Simple, by using natural materials found on the beach.

A pink tinged cockle shell inspired this look with a calm pick foreground against the light blue watery mosaic tiles interspersed with silver highlights.

Mimicking the reflections of the sea, this finish is used on the walk-in shower, bespoke deep tiled bath tub and in the many cubby-holes carved in the walls.

In contrast, darker wood tones are used for the vanity units to create an elegant, natural finish.

see also on site photographs: http://www.studio29architects.co.uk/on-site-house-in-west-london/

On site: a partial refurbishment in West London

Not every project is a full refurbishment.

Some time we are asked to intervene only on one or few areas of a property.

In this case the clients felt the need to review their basement and to build an extension at first floor level to house their master bathroom, so that the current one could be converted in a dressing room.

We are now half way through the building works and we start seeing the improvements of the new design.

The basement walls have been remodelled opening up the chimney breasts to contain the kitchen and adding a fireplace towards the garden end and, at first floor, the bathroom extension is completed and new big openings let natural light in to the central dressing room.

Also the details are coming together: white plaster on the walls that reflects light and provide a neutral warm background, raw concrete for the fireplace cantilevered hearth, walnut wood in the bathrooms to add some natural touch and the big bespoken bath clad in white and silver mosaic to provide a mini home-spa.

Finishing touch for Christmas : the red silk tassel

As tassels are a finishing touch to both furnishings and garments, and everybody loves a little touch of luxury, we thought we would add one to our Christmas cards this year, in seasonal red to add some pop to the mantelpieces.

Comfort and joy are the key words of all our projects, so the wishes were an easy choice!

and as the finishing touch…

Finishing touch: the red silk tassel

Best Wishes for Christmas to everyone,

from all of us at Studio 29


You may also be interested in this link: http://www.studio29architects.co.uk/christmas-blush/

The final polish: last touches to 55 Wimpole Street

Yesterday we have been busy adding the last touches to the interiors of a dentists’ surgery at 55 Wimpole Street. Some times we are a bit control freaks when it comes to interiors!

We hung curtains and paintings, arranged furniture and even added flowers choosing colours that complement the colour scheme.

The clients asked us to help them hanging art and choosing accessories, so we will see the complete look in a few months and then we will be able to take final pictures of the project.


Studio 29 in the Resident magazine: collaboration is what brings ideas to life

Home comforts nov 15 resident
top image: house in Holland Park middle of page: Louise Glynn and Margherita Thumiger, founder of Studio 29 Architects. bottom of page: flat in Belgravia

Nice little piece about our studio with beautiful photographs by James Tarry (top image) and Alex James (below left).

Neville Stephens’ fireplaces

We have worked with Neville Stephens to elevate the atmosphere of our projects with his fireplaces and fire arrangements, always fine-tuned to complement the spaces we design.

He creates exciting centre pieces that our clients enjoy and engage with forever.

Neville is an artist and his skills bring an important finishing touch to any project.

020 7371 5070


Maida Vale flat refurbishment update: almost there!

Our project in Maida Vale, West London is now almost complete.

A floating opaque glass kitchen by Lago has been installed at the centre of the open living space, as are the large glass garden doors by Fine Line Aluminium.

The builder has formed the circular skylight in the sitting area and the joiner is installing the many cupboards which will provide copious storage for the needs of the client’s young family.

Looking forward to seeing the finished article.

The hunt for a small sofa: small rooms deserve small furniture

Recently I was looking for a new sofa for my small flat and the hunt proved not easy at all, even if as an architect and interior designer I have access to thousand of brands.

I was looking for a model with a low back not to block the view from my large windows, small size in both length and depth and soft  arms as I like to lay sideways.

The sofa had to have legs to allow light underneath, come in a good range of fabrics and colours and finally have removable and washable covers.

Sofa companies tend to make large bulbous sofas that alone fill a room (that is if the object can even get into the room!), but it is very difficult to find something smaller.

My research ended when I found Sancal,  a Spanish company,   who produce beautiful small sofas and chairs all in different shapes and sizes. The range is super fun with a rainbow of colours and styles to choose from. My pick was a sofa called Copla, heavily cushioned with tall legs and a vaguely 50’s design.

It  comes as one piece or two modular units to allow future expansion if one were to move somewhere bigger (dream, dream).

I am also intrigued by the Air Sofa from Lago. This is quite an exciting piece that comes is a variety of modules that can be clipped together, including back rests and side rests. One can custom build any combination and then to take apart the sofa and rearrange it is very easy.

Air stands on glass legs, so it looks like it is hovering above the ground. All this makes this sofa very flexible and easy to transport and be taken to a new home or even to be temporarily dismantled to use the cushions as a guest bed.

Now which sofa do I pick?

Serpentine Pavilion 2015: Cosmic Spectrum


Sitting like a shimmering badly wrapped Christmas present the structure glistens in the sun. This year’s Serpentine Pavilion is whimsical and fun.

The delicate hues of the plastic skin give the building a delicate, living, light feel almost like it is hovering. Plastic woven ribbons contribute some texture and direction and project interesting silhouettes.

Once inside one feels rather like standing inside a rainbow, but for the distinct smell of hot plastic.

The floor is white and slightly reflective and strangely dips to the centre of the space contributing to the organic feeling of this “creature”.

It does have an oasis-like charm to it and in a heavy downpour it could create a pleasant hideaway.  The pavilion is quite a novelty but indeed it was only built for temporary measures it cannot claim to be sustainable nor stringent in design but it is fun!

The Serpentine Pavilion is at the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park until October 2015.