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A short visit to Margate

A short visit to Margate

Once the weather forecast picked up it seemed a good time to visit the beach, Margate was the destination.

Margate is now home to the Turner Art Gallery, a new building by David Chipperfield. The white collection of buildings mimics sails, especially in its position at the edge of the promenade. The design has a rhythmical grey cladding, polished handrails and simple concrete hard landscaping to its periphery. The balustrades at the upper level which were flat bars disappeared from vision at certain angles and just a sparkle from their highly polished surface reminds you of the glistening water in the backdrop, the flooring made from broken cockle shells from the beach. Inside the foyer large grand scaled glass windows displayed the main art piece of Margate, the sea and beyond. The stairs, also in concrete had double underlit sides so the wall and staircase always remain parted. Doors were designed to be flush with the walls, lights mainly hidden from sight and large glass aluminium framed doors separated the gallerys everything in an enlarged scale. Even when leaving the shadows outside has changed so much that the triangulation of the roofs looked like paper boats.

Brighton beauty

Brighton Beauty

The day started off dull and cloudy and then after the misty haze lifted the sky was clear and blue. Looking at the topaz-coloured sea, glistening pebbles and pure blue sky was like being abroad. The beach was a hive of activity including dancing, painting, sunbathing, eating & drinking – whatever you can think of is going on.

After a long walk along the promenade it is obvious that this area has had a lot of well-thought regeneration, especially on the beach area. There is, of course, still the remnants of the previous pier, a delicate skeleton which looks too fragile to hold itself up, and I think it’s a nice scene, the past and the present seen together. The pastel colours of the promenade, sea , and pebbles create a relaxing environment. I originally come from near a place which copies the ideologies of Brighton without the mild weather and the place has the feeling of a ghost town, conclusively Brighton as a contrast is a successful hub and escape from the city, offering good amenities and interesting places to visit.

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