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Brighton beauty

Brighton Beauty

The day started off dull and cloudy and then after the misty haze lifted the sky was clear and blue. Looking at the topaz-coloured sea, glistening pebbles and pure blue sky was like being abroad. The beach was a hive of activity including dancing, painting, sunbathing, eating & drinking – whatever you can think of is going on.

After a long walk along the promenade it is obvious that this area has had a lot of well-thought regeneration, especially on the beach area. There is, of course, still the remnants of the previous pier, a delicate skeleton which looks too fragile to hold itself up, and I think it’s a nice scene, the past and the present seen together. The pastel colours of the promenade, sea , and pebbles create a relaxing environment. I originally come from near a place which copies the ideologies of Brighton without the mild weather and the place has the feeling of a ghost town, conclusively Brighton as a contrast is a successful hub and escape from the city, offering good amenities and interesting places to visit.

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