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Design Junction 2015

So it was raining hard and after a long meeting I marched to New Oxford Street to see what the latest designers could offer me. After issuing my self-vandalised ticket I was presented with a yellow band to enable me to quickly bypass the long queue into the exhibition. The existing sorting office was a spectacular space which had been temporarily revitalised with people, furniture, lights and fabric. It was built in the 60’s and is 40,000 sqft, often holding events from fashions shows to small concerts today it was the turn of London Design Festival to hold Design Junction.

I have to say that I have been to a lot of various events like this and have mixed feelings about them. Today was no exception, as an architect the surroundings were lively but not particularly engaging. It focuses mainly on design products which is no bad thing, but I feel I always get the feeling I have seen them before. Of course there were some items that I would say are firm favourites like the String book shelving system which are delicate but functional and also some neutral but interesting patterned encaustic tiles by Lindsay Lang were affixed to the walls which when looked at closely give that beautiful raw chalky effect. Unfortunately the building has much more to offer than the contents with interesting mechanical equipment, beautiful corkscrew metal spiral staircase land rough, worn concrete floors and baffle ceilings.

This is the first event I have attended for the London Design Festival so I’m trying to ‘keep an open mind’ . I have included some photographs of pieces which I thought I would use in the future.

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