Cocktail of colours @ Thomas and Paul Gallery in Maida Vale

A really fun evening yesterday for the opening of the Summer Exhibition of Thomas and Paul Gallery, a local jewel of an art gallery.

We loved the interesting and varied show – congratulations to Pauline and Lyn for the great display which includes some great pieces of furniture – and lost our heart for Sarah Lee’s Sedan Chair. We both cannot stop thinking about its stunning jade background.

Time to start a Studio 29 collection?

Cocktails were mixed at a bar installed in the window for the event, complete with mad scientists’ bubbling vials and flasks: Margarita Blue was our favourite, both for the stunning turquoise colour and the tequila base!

We got caught by an impressive rain shower on the way home and found shelter under the canopy of The Waterway on the canal, a perfect outing in W9!

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