A bite of the New York apple

I wanted to go to the greener areas of the city , one of my stops took me to the New York high line, a revitalised train line of lush green floating through the heights of the tower blocks. Timber floors gave way to grassy bushes, architectural shaped shrubs and intersections of sculptures. The linearity of the walk allowed for a short cut through the city, sudden beautiful views across the Hudson River in the open gaps between imposing brick warehouses. It was busy, the weather was good, people lined the walkway with timber loungers and seating so pedestrians could relax and chat – a welcome repose for those who didn’t have their own piece of green.

I liked the sense of a backlash of the foliage breaking up the built up nature of the city. For once a structure that puts pedestrians first in a car-filled city – it is a welcome and restful surprise.

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