Thoughts on designing a basement

We were recently asked by a returning client to add a new basement to their house in West London. The property, a typical pastel-coloured Stucco town house with large rear garden had been well maintained over the 10 years since we last touched it. It was great to catch up and understand their plans for the new build basement. Their family situation had now changed and they required extra space. The proposal was to introduce a basement in a visually delicate way and to ensure lots of natural light could enter the floor below.  So, using light funnels we designed a layout which not only benefits from natural ventilation and light but also sits well in the existing garden layout. Rooflights are positioned in amongst the lush flower beds and a lightwell sits inline with the rear extension facade, so it appears as though it was always in place.  Climbing plants will be grown against the lightwell walls up to the garden level, adding colour and scent. 

In Central London it is such an advantage to have a large open plan space in your home , especially with the perks of seeing greenery from basment level.

Of course this is just the beginning of the process so will be posting more about this as it develops!