Shy House

As residential architects in West London building a new house was an exciting prospect.

Initially we had to untangle the local planning policies and design to create a practical city living space for the clients. The design centres around a courtyard which is embellished with large glazed windows and doors to give an introverted, light and spacious house in Shepherd’s Bush. The house is on two levels which also adds to the design creating a physical division between the public and private spaces, this followed the original plot’s levels. Soft colours, simple materials and gentle lighting mean the space is always well lit and relaxing. Careful consideration of the material palette and shape were fundamental to planning as well as budget. Following detailed design we made the house ecologically sound as possible with thick insulation, a large green roof, incorporating outdoor storage for bicycles, adding insulated double glazed doors, windows and rooflights to prevent excess use of artificial light.

The house is set very close to a main artery of the city but provides a restful , quiet haven away from the big smoke. The roof which is largely flat is coated in a thick carpet of sedum to give good views over the building itself from other properties (as the site would have originally been planted), provides good insulation, gives a good drainage layer and more importantly an area for wildlife to flourish. All in all the house which is hardly determinable from the street is a secret space which we lovingly call ‘shy house’ and snuggly sits in an unused plot of land hidden from the main street .

In these slightly surreal images we have added some items for shooting purposes as the clients had not yet moved in. You may have noticed these items are not so shy as the house!