Barn Sensorial experience in Norfolk

For those of you following us in Instagram you should know that we had been preparing for our show - a sensorial experience for our clients who have a beautiful barn located on the Norfolk coast. We introduced the idea as the floor plans of the barn were sizeable and as the design developed on paper it was becoming more complex and harder to imagine in reality. This way at least we could all walk around our design ourselves and discover how it works or even if it works as we believe - it's a first for us! It began with a mass stripping out of the property including taking down ceilings to uncover the existing roof structure, where we wanted to see the original trusses and purlins in the top floor, removal of many of the walls to portray the new open living areas. Much of the layout was clearly marked on the floors using high visibility pink neon tape, hanging curtains to display the new private spaces, and a foil blanket imitating a new floating central fireplace. We gathered materials such as timbers , images, rustic ironmongery, fabrics, woven matting, bricks and tiles to show the palette of materials.

Then the day of the presentation itself , fragranced candles were lit, milk cartons were positioned laiden with sparkly tea candles, the main fire lit and large flood lights used to not only light the spaces but create interesting shadows on the main walls. The experience helped to capture the proposed feeling of the place not only the look.

All in all the process was a success, allowing the client to understand both the scale and location of the different areas which can be difficult to understand when shown on paper. This process also aided our design, the reality of the proportion of spaces became very real. As a consequence of the presentation we altered a couple of the areas we felt were did not feel right. Essentially we went back to the drawing board and altered the proposal to suit better both the building and the clients requirements.