Barn Restoration - Steel

And so the barn frame is underway and the new replacement roof is being built. In the original design we opted to replace the old worn wooden rafters with new slim steel scissor trusses to give that barn feel and extra head height in the first floor. The first floor sitting room is the main act overlooking the infinitive horizon of the marshland coast. The trusses were designed not only to add drama but open up the ceiling to create a lofty light space to relax in and escape the sometimes harsh weather outside. Oak trusses are commonly seen in barns and we did play with this idea , but the material palette leant itself much more to a metal finish. The barn has an industrial history storing hops and grain 200 years ago for the nearby brewery and so this decision was made easily. In the neighbouring village of Brancaster we visited the local church St Mary the Virgin and discovered to our delight that the roof was also constructed of slim metal trusses and patinated timber board ceiling, both of which we plan to recreate in the barn.

It started with a number of design sketches of truss shapes to propose to the client. Once agreed the design was further refined and agreed with the structural engineer where we introduced a much slimmer version of what we started with.

The actual installation of the trusses was an exciting sight - a well-organised team of steel workers arrived with the truss halves and then with a few clever manoeuvres the steel parts were clamped together to form the whole scissor shape. After a day of craning the trusses into place a rhythmic metal skeleton was formed, each truss manufactured was slightly unique to compensate for the building’s not so straight flint and stone walls.

Once the roof build up is completed the trusses will be sprayed in a dark black/brown colour with a backdrop of stained timber tongue and groove boarding to give a strong graphic feel in the room. The trusses will be then adorned with lights to highlight not only the shape but the materiality of the ceiling.

More to follow…..and don’t forget we do all kinds of residential refurbishments in London and Norfolk.