Interior Design Consultation Milanese Apartment

We recently carried out an interior design consultation following a flat refurbishment in Milan. The client loves colours and fabrics as she owns a children's fashion store in Milan so we knew that we could implement some bright colours and clever details into certain spaces.

A typical Milanese apartment all the rooms are a good height. In the kitchen we added a splash of Churlish Green from Farrow and Ball, a yellow pigment based paint to add warmth and interest to the room and contrast with the white glossy cabinets. The colour sets off the kitchen with some added touches such as the matching decorated wallpaper. The open larder in the kitchen was screened using a tassel curtain creating a retro feeling to the space.

The main living areas were painted in Cord which is a yellow based neutral colour from Farrow and Ball. It is a traditional colour, but is strong and neutral in a room which is underlit. It has a calm, earthy base which works with any number of colours so it is perfect in this case to mix with both retro timber furniture and modern shelving fixed to the walls.

Setting plaster by Farrow and Ball was used in the main bedroom, the dusty tone of the paint results in a cosy, warm room. The walls have a soft blush appearance and look great with antique furniture and the soft hued linens in gold and dusk pink.

In the children's bedroom the walls were painted in shaded white to give a simple background to the room as there were a number of objects that needed to be displayed and stored in the space. The colour gives the room a timeless feel and works well with the black decorated Chinese cabinet, bed canopy and toys.

The final colour palette not only gives a visual division between the spaces but also makes the apartment incredibly uplifting for the client.