Making the most of natural light in a full refurbishment

As every make up make-up artist knows, the secret of a good makeover is enhancing the best feature of one's face, not trying to hide the bad.

We applied this concept when designing this flat in Chelsea: it is not big, it has oddly shaped rooms, but has the best West facing aspect and gets plenty of natural light through the day.

We selected materials that reflect, filter and play with light. The result is an interior which changes every hour of the day and never stops to amaze and delight its inhabitants.

For the window dressing - all by Pat Giddens, we chose simple unlined blinds in sheer fabric with a slight metallic sheen: they do not block the view, but filter the light  - London light can be very cold in the winter - and beautify it. Very much like a good foundation, if we want to keep the make-up metaphor going!

We have sheer curtains also in the bedroom: a good night sleep is guaranteed by very discreet black-out roller blinds.

We use brass for the kitchen island - to trick the light, again, and give it a sunny hue even during a very grey February morning and reflective artificial marble for the splash-back and top. One can see the landscape reflected in the splash-back while having breakfast with the back to the window. (Kitchen by Espresso Design).

The same trick is used in the corridor: a multi-faceted mirror reflects and de-construct the view out of the bay window of the sitting room and provides a touch of surprise.