Photo-shoot in Chelsea: mimosa & Tuareg mats

Last week we shot a flat completed a few months ago, in Chelsea.

Photo-shooting days start always very early at Studio 29. There is a lot to do before the photographer can start, and the hours of light are never enough. This is especially true when shooting in winter, in London.

We started collecting all the props we have planned to take with us. We know from experience that every house can do with a little bit of styling.

This time we brought with us some antique linen, small white accessories that we knew would work on the dark background of walls and joinery and a few African artefacts to add texture.

Recently we have discovered the beauty of traditional straw and leather Tuareg mats, and we brought a couple of them with us. To top it all we added a huge bunch of seasonal mimosa from our favourite plant nursery, Rassells of Kensington.

We left the office in the pouring rain, praying that the weather would give us some respite in the afternoon.  The flat faces West, and in a clear day,  by 4 o’clock the golden light of the setting sun would flood it. We crossed our fingers!

At the flat we met with James, who does all our pictures. We have been working together for a long time and he loves design, so we understand each other well.

Nevertheless, creating pictures is always hard work. We want to show the space, rely the plays of light and,most important, we want the mix of colours, textures and materials of our photographs to be true. By the end of the day we were all pretty tired (but happy!).

Here a few images of the work in progress: we are looking forward to see the final images!