Onsite: progress of a full refurbishment to a Kensington town house, black flowers included

Progress of a full refurbishment to a Kensington town house

Great progress on our full refurbishment in Kensington, which we will hand over at the end of May.

The bones, veins and nervous system of the house are in place. These are the walls, ceilings, plumbing and electrics, if you mind my “anatomical” view of the building.

We are now working on … the skin (and the rest!).

The walls are receiving a first coat of colour and  - as the beautiful Ebony&Co floor has been all carefully protected -  we walk around site with a couple of leftover planks, just to check that the all colours work well together on site (as opposed as on our colour swatches).

The stone tops for the vanity units have been finalised. Statuario marble won over a number of other contestants. It is the king of marble, after all, a rare variety of very white Carrara, with subtle grey veins, favourite by Michelangelo and Canova.

The new staircase is in place and we have finalised the choice of banister and runner.

The first is composed by simple raw steel spindles and a white oak handrail. It will be stained to match the floor. The latter is a great little number by Crucial Trading, in their new Sisool range. A clever mix of wool and sisal, the runner is full of “rugged charm and softness” as the manufacturer perfectly says on their website.  It and will add a layer of texture to our mainly monochrome colour scheme.

Sylvie – our favourite garden designer, founder of Ginger Landscape – is working on the garden. It is a small space, but on two levels and with good proportions. We had a look at the planting scheme and are in love with the mix of dark foliage and lime contrasts,  and the blue and greys Sylvie is proposing (and the black flowers: Agapanthus and Irises!).