The hunt for a small sofa: small rooms deserve small furniture

Recently I was looking for a new sofa for my small flat and the hunt proved not easy at all, even if as an architect and interior designer I have access to thousand of brands. I was looking for a model with a low back not to block the view from my large windows, small size in both length and depth and soft  arms as I like to lay sideways.

The sofa had to have legs to allow light underneath, come in a good range of fabrics and colours and finally have removable and washable covers.

Sofa companies tend to make large bulbous sofas that alone fill a room (that is if the object can even get into the room!), but it is very difficult to find something smaller.

My research ended when I found Sancal,  a Spanish company,   who produce beautiful small sofas and chairs all in different shapes and sizes. The range is super fun with a rainbow of colours and styles to choose from. My pick was a sofa called Copla, heavily cushioned with tall legs and a vaguely 50's design.

It  comes as one piece or two modular units to allow future expansion if one were to move somewhere bigger (dream, dream).

I am also intrigued by the Air Sofa from Lago. This is quite an exciting piece that comes is a variety of modules that can be clipped together, including back rests and side rests. One can custom build any combination and then to take apart the sofa and rearrange it is very easy.

Air stands on glass legs, so it looks like it is hovering above the ground. All this makes this sofa very flexible and easy to transport and be taken to a new home or even to be temporarily dismantled to use the cushions as a guest bed.

Now which sofa do I pick?