How the right colour scheme and lighting can provide a calming and relaxed environment.

Going to the dentist is a pleasure. Or a pain? But what if the dentist waiting room has the best sofas, the most relaxing lighting and is as cosy as the cosiest sitting room? We approached a dentists’ clinic in Wimpole Street as we would do with a house: comfort, colour and calmness were our aims.

We designed and fitted out modern and clean consulting rooms and practical technical areas, a double softly lit reception for the clinic’s staff to work at their best and provide the best service and then elegant and welcoming sitting areas for the patients to feel at home.

We limited specialist medical furniture to the consulting room and furnished the communal areas with pieces we would specify for our domestic projects.

We chose simple elegant sofas and armchairs and upholstered them in warm yellows and pale blues, added a few antique pieces and curtains in silky fabric with a subtle sheen.

Our clients are leasing the clinic so they did not want to overspend in the fit-out. We specified finishes and fittings that are not expensive  and easy to maintain: the floor is oak, the light fittings are all fitted with warm toned LED, the joinery is simply sprayed.

We combined colours and textures and added a few clever touches  - like the idea of painting the internal rim of all the downlighters gold to bathe the rooms in  a golden glow - for an interior that is refined and elegant.