Studio 29 goes to Milano to decorate and style an apartment in need of a revamp.

Our client closed the marketing agency she had been running for many years and opened a children’s concept store, cut her hair in a cute pixie style and stopped dyeing it. Then she decided she needed more than a new look and asked us to re-decorate her apartment.

During the ten years our client and her husband have lived in this spacious apartment in a typical Milanese turn of last century block of flats, they have acquired, in addition to a now ten year old daughter, a few vintage Chinese cabinets - brought back from work trips to Beijing - and an eclectic assortment of family heirlooms, from 50’s lamps to not precious, but oh so romantic oil-paintings, the odd chair and a desk. They were all lying around the flat, “waiting to find themselves the perfect place”.

We started the process with these pieces, understanding the meaning they have for our client and her family history, finding them new functions and coupling with contemporary pieces.

The lacquered dowry cupboard adorned with butterflies, was not big enough to store adult clothing, but is perfect as a little girl’s wardrobe. Two mismatched Chinese cabinets were repurposed as bedside tables and their flowery patterns echo the pink and red roses of the oil painting above.

Every room houses at least a couple of pieces from the client’s eclectic collection. To these, we added a few new items -  the polymer tubes chandelier over the dining table and the 50’s dining chairs that we covered in turquoise blue velvet, picking up the colours of the painting hung behind them. Every room is decorated in a different colour, chosen to provide the best background to the furniture or to enhance the particular light of the space or the feeling we want to give to it.

The bathroom, decorated with a collection of antique cricket cages and a jade green ceiling has a certain Eastern charm, while the white kitchen’s gets energised by acid green wall paint and wallpaper, the latter featuring a motiv of extra large pink flowers. The bedroom’s dusty pink acts as the common denominator among the very different pieces of furniture and is unusually but effectively paired with tobacco linen curtains. The sitting room, full of light, is a warm shade of sand that turns golden in the evening and works as a classic and elegant background to the very modern bookcases and sofa.

Every room has a special atmosphere and the flat feels completely different - exactly as our client wanted it.

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