Studio 29’s first project in Norfolk is a cottage full of charm and colour.

Brancaster in North Norfolk is three hours away from London. We made sure that the flint cottage we re-styled is so fun and cosy that our clients do not mind braving the traffic to get there every weekend.

A small cottage right on the salt marshes and creeks, with a bay window looking towards the North Sea. The biggest orange sofa, the most whimsical lighting and a beautiful Jack Trench moss green kitchen for quick snacks or sophisticated dinners.

A palette of materials inspired by the beautiful North Norfolk coast enriches the space with character and sense of place. Chalky white plaster, hand carved oak, moss green joinery and black handmade Moroccan tiles were selected for their muted colours, textures and reflective qualities mimicking the play of the sun on the sea and the marshes.

A few items of furniture have been selected for their simple design and comfort. The cottage is a welcoming little haven at the end of a hectic week in London or of a day spent sailing or canoeing along the creeks.