In Maida Vale a couple falls back in love with their maisonette

By re-thinking the layouts of the two floors, carving the space and opening views, extending just what is needed and making sure we do not to lose the garden - we transformed a flat that was driving our clients mad in to a bright and relaxed family home.

A young couple’s maisonette - which was fine for the two of them and their baby - started feeling a bit too small when the little one became a toddler and, by the time she started school, it was so chaotic and uncomfortable our clients started thinking the only solution was to move out to a cheaper area and buy a bigger place.

They loathed the idea of leaving Maida Vale, missing the charm of Little Venice and the vicinity to their child’s school.

We suggested that there could be an alternative.

We re-designed the flat, changed its flow, extended the sitting area and added a study.

The clients saw the full potential of their flat coming to fruition and very soon the works were under way.




By opening up the rooms, we let the space flow and light reach the centre of the house. Curved walls, lighting and a floating kitchen and island define the different areas. The low ceiling of the basement is visually lifted by being uplit at the corners and the white  - actually very pale grey - Lago kitchen is clad in milky Venetian glass and is a perfect display for small art pieces.

The apartment is now organised and easy to use, with space for everything and everybody and some more to relax and be together.

The flat strikes the right balance between private and communal areas and mixes bespoke joinery and mid-century modern pieces for an elegant, relaxed style.

No more need to move: just by changing perspective our clients can remain in their favourite neighbourhood.  

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